Whether it be for business or leisure, travelling with children comes with its challenges. Below, we’ve rounded up the main reasons we’re certain you should choose a serviced apartment over a hotel for your next trip with children.

  1. Space – Our serviced apartments in Cheltenham are typically 3 times larger than a hotel room with dedicated spaces for relaxing, dining, and sleeping - meaning the whole family are not all crammed into one hotel room. Extra space allows children to play and learn whilst some properties even offer a private or communal garden.
  1. Flexible dining – Each apartment offers a fully equipped kitchen allowing you to prepare meals for fussy eaters, also saving you money on eating out. Unlike hotels, there are no set meal times which may not work for families with young children and busy routines.
  1. Laundry facilities in house – young children and babies often have several changes of clothes a day – all properties have a washer/dryer saving you time & money on trips to the laundrette.
  1. Routine – Apartments feel more like your own home than a clinical hotel room meaning it’s easier to stick to your usual family schedule. Separate rooms allow you to keep children in their bedtime routine whilst parents can relax in the living area once children are in bed as well as keeping dinner times in order – all properties offer a dining table.
  1. Home comforts – Travelling with children and adapting to new surroundings can be stressful. Small touches like a comfy sofa and cushions, artwork and books can put children at ease and feel more like they're at home. We can also arrange additional TV packages, Netflix etc.
Rachel Colwell
Author: Rachel Colwell (Bookings Assistant)
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