Our main aim here at Luxury Serviced Apartments is to provide our guests with good, honest customer care, something which they can reply on, to ensure their two-day or twelve-month stay is as comfortable as possible. We are always just a phone call away. However, after a long day’s work or long mountain hike, we know that you may not always feel like picking up the phone.

We thought about this and since we are in the age of innovative technology, we decided it was time to revolutionise and are excited to introduce the Luxury Apartments ‘Your Tablet.’ This tablet makes your stay with Luxury Serviced Apartments easier as it allows you access additional services at your convenience, find out information about the local area, and even provides a video guide on apartment maintenance and how to operate an appliance. The tablet’s programme, ‘Your Welcome’ (the play on grammar blew our minds, too) enables you to check in, discover recommended restaurants, bars and hairdressers in Cheltenham, order food and gain access to discounts. Think of it as your in-depth guide to your apartment and the Cotswolds. All without the need to scroll through Google.

You also get 24-hour support. If you want an additional clean, simply leave the request on our tablet and we will arrange this for you.

Our clients come from all over the world and so to cater to this, guests can select which language you wish to read, and the tablet will adapt.

The best thing about the tablet is that it puts you in control of your stay. If you have a question about your serviced apartment facilities or you require an extra night’s stay, tap your tablet and let us know. We will be instantly updated. It also allows you to leave a review after your stay and rate us…tell us what we can improve upon for next time! 

Jackie ILiffe
Author: Jackie ILiffe (Business Development Adviser ) Date: 23rd June 2017