Trust that if you stay with us, you'll have a great stay

We're particular in the best way - to make sure that only the best apartments in Cheltenham are offered to you, our guests.

Despite the many properties we see, only a few make the final cut. That's because we're fussy on your behalf so that when you stay with us you're guaranteed a wonderful stay.

Our apartments are located in premium locations within Cheltenham such as Montpellier and Lansdown. They are often in locations that showcase the regency architecture that Cheltenham is renowned for, and/or close to the town centre or popular locations such as Cheltenham Racecourse.

In addition to the location, we check that the apartment interiors are nicely decorated and comfortable so that our guests can quite literally, sleep easy.

  • Key selection criteria
  • Prime Locations
  • Good shower pressure
  • Fast WiFi
  • Modern bathrooms
  • Good parking
  • Well equipped kitchens
  • Comfortable beds
  • Spacious living room

How we select the best Luxury Apartments

Property put forward
A local landlord will get in touch about a property
Deciding suitability
We visit to check it's up to our standards
Initial considerations
We consider location, facilities, and size

We love Cheltenham, and all of our serviced apartments are based here.

As local experts, we also know which areas of Cheltenham are the most desirable; whether the location showcases Cheltenham’s stunning regency architecture or is within walking distance of Cheltenham’s boutique shops and independent bars and restaurants, we only choose apartments in the best locations.


When deciding if an apartment meets our luxury standards, we have numerous requirements – from the local noise levels, to the comfort of the bed, to how the property actually looks, parking, etc.

We also consider if the apartment feels like a home; each of our apartments is unique – some may be modern, others more traditional, but all of them have a style that makes them feel like a home away from home.


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