Manage your stay

Booking online through our website lets guests see what we have available and secure their chosen property.  If multiple bookings exist for the same guest/company,  properties can be grouped under a Master Booking. Each property has its arrival and departure dates and contact details allocated, all in the overview and control of the Master Booking. 

  • Easily mange the following online
  • Extend your stay
  • Book additional serviced apartments
  • Request to cancel your stay
  • View cost of your stay and amenities bought

Our bookings are flexible and straightforward to manage. Each guest, corporate or personal, gets a login for an online account, allowing them to see where they are staying, what they’re paying, and any remaining balance owed.

Our guests can request cancellations, extensions and extras like hampers, printers and early arrival or late checkout through this online account.

You can also contact our friendly team for any request.