Terms and Conditions

These conditions govern all bookings made (whether through the website, email, telephone or other means) with Luxury Apartments (LA) which is the trade name of Cheltenham Property Management Ltd. The company number is: 6712286 and the registered office is at 7 Court Mews, London Road, Charlton Kings, GL52 6HS.

You accept these conditions yourself and on behalf of all members of your party whether you are booking as a guest or on behalf of others.

1. Booking

Any bookings made by you shall be deemed to be an offer by you to rent the relevant property subject to these conditions. A contract between you and LA shall only come into existence:

• If booking by telephone, once your Reservations Executive has confirmed acceptance of your payment details; or

• If booking via email and the requested property is available, we will send you a confirmation email of your booking. It is your responsibility to check your emails regularly and to advise us of any change to your email address.

• If booking online, after completing the booking process, you will receive a booking confirmation.

We reserve the right to refuse, at our sole discretion, any booking you make with us. We also reserve the right to change the accommodation if required. Any changes made would be to an equal or better property.  You may if preferred, receive a refund if you are not happy with the revised property.

It is the responsibility of the booker to notify LA at the time of booking of the names of the relevant guests and whether they are adults or minors.

Bookings for accommodation require at least one full guest name for each property. For maximum occupancy at a property, see Clause 8 below. Please check your details carefully before you book as incorrect or incomplete details may result in the booking being cancelled. Passport, visa and health requirements for you and your party are your responsibility. You are advised to put in place appropriate travel insurance policies to cover cancellation, medical cover and cover for loss or damage to personal property during your stay.

All bookings are confirmed only when LA has accepted the booking in writing, by email, or online and a 20% non-refundable deposit of your booking total has been taken. Subject to prior agreement or pre-approval, some corporate bookings may be authorised without requiring a 20% deposit. Subsequently, LA would either create an account online confirming and outlining the rule changes, agree terms on a contract or confirm in writing or via email should this be acceptable.

Should payment not reach LA within the required time LA reserves the right to suspend or cancel any bookings made and any deposit paid may be forfeit unless otherwise agreed in the instance of some corporate bookings.

If you are staying for less than two weeks, the final payment is taken two weeks before the day of your arrival. For stays longer than two weeks, payment is taken in two-week intervals two weeks before the day of arrival. Payment is taken in both cases first thing in the morning; we do not take payment when we meet you at the property. For corporate bookings other payment terms can be arranged, once we agree on payment terms, LA will confirm this to you either in writing, by email, on your invoices/receipts or the booking confirmation.

Payment should be made through the following methods of payment:

Bookings including Visa Credit Card, Master Card, Visa Debit Card or Maestro/Solo and American Express Card (Amex) and Diners Club cards. LA does not charge a transaction fee. • Bank Transfer: Pounds Sterling, all payments must be NET of all bank charges (bank details are available on request).

As soon as your confirmation and invoice are received, please check the details carefully. If anything is not correct, you should tell LA immediately. However, we regret LA cannot accept any liability if it is not notified of any inaccuracy in any documentation within 48 hours of it being sent out. If there is an obvious error in the confirmation or invoice, LA reserves the right to correct it as soon as we become aware of it and will do so within 7 days of issue of the confirmation or invoice or, if your arrival date is within 7 days of booking, no later than 24 hours before your arrival date. If any of these changes are material and are not acceptable, then you will be entitled to a full refund.

In the event the account becomes overdue, LA reserves the right to charge interest at 8% APR above the Bank of England base rate, plus a further admin fee of £100.00. Interest is charged on the overdue amount and will accrue daily; this is following the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. Also, we reserve the right to place your account on hold as of the first day after the due date of invoices if the amounts remain outstanding.

Should there be a dispute over a component of an invoice, you will pay the undisputed amount within the above credit terms. For example, if you believe that you have been invoiced incorrectly for eight nights instead of 7, you will pay for the seven nights within the above payment terms. Failure to make payment for the undisputed amount will result in the above penalty charges becoming payable. Disputes must be notified in writing within three working days of receipt of invoice.

If you have received a discounted rate for a longer period, and you leave before the agreed check-out date, LA reserves the right to bill back the duration of the stay at the non-discounted rate.

2. Rates

The rates we advertise are to the best of our knowledge correct at the date of publication, but we reserve the right to change any rates. Rates can go up or down. Rates quoted are based on the rates prevailing at the time a booking is confirmed. Once a booking has been confirmed LA will not change the rate quoted unless you amend the booking. Luxury Apartment (LA) do not charge Value Added Tax (VAT).

3. Security Deposit

A refundable security deposit of £250 (or £500 if pets are staying or if your booking for Gold Cup) will be taken prior to occupancy to cover any additional charges, including but not limited to, breakages, damages and additional cleaning. LA accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Visa Credit Card, Master Card, Visa Debit Card or Maestro/Solo and American Express Card (Amex) and Diners Club cards. LA does not charge a transaction fee. LA reserves the right to deduct from the security deposit, without further notice, all amounts chargeable under these Booking Conditions, including, further accommodation charges. LA reserves the right to vary additional charges without notice. Providing the accommodation is left in good order; the security deposit will be returned in full once LA checks the property within seven days of departure.

4. Payment of Additional Charges

Valid debit/credit card details must be supplied at the time of booking and/or upon arrival at the property to cover the additional charges detailed below. Additional charges will be deducted from any security deposit held or from a debit/credit card supplied in settlement of any outstanding sums and after an inspection of the vacated property. LA will provide the booker/guest with a breakdown of the additional charges where applicable. If additional charges are taken from the security deposit, the remainder will be refunded at the end of the guest’s stay to the person who paid the security deposit.

At LA, additional charges include:

• Telephone calls and on-demand TV services, e.g. Sky TV channel purchases plus VAT (if applicable) will be charged at the end of your stay.

• Cleaning: LA expects the properties to be left in a reasonable state on departure. If at LA’s discretion, additional cleaning is required on departure, the cost of this cleaning will be charged as an additional charge. LA expects guests to leave their property free from large rubbish, empty boxes etc. Trips to the Recycling Centre due to large volumes of waste will result in a minimum charge of £50.00. LA reserves the right to charge a minimum of £100.00 (in addition to the general cleaning charges) for specialist cleaning to a property and/or its contents where smoking has taken place in a smoke-free building. Additional charges will be added in the event of lost business, i.e. LA being unable to offer the premises for a period of time due to smoke smell and/or damage. Smoking within all-LA properties is strictly prohibited and against the law.

• Damages: Damages to the properties or contents caused by the guest must be paid in full.

• Keys: LA will issue the guest with sets of keys, and extra keys are available on request. If the issued keys are not returned on departure, a charge of up to £100.00 will be charged. If between the hours of 10:00 PM and 08:00 AM (UK Time) a guest locks themselves out of the property and requires assistance to re-enter the property, LA reserves the right to charge £50.00 call out charge in addition to the charge for lost keys.

• Other items provided by LA found to be missing, will be charged accordingly in line with current market value.

• Call Outs: Please call us on our 24-hour phone line, 01242 37 18 18 if you have an emergency and we will be happy to help. However, If the emergency call-out number is used to call out the property manager between the hours of 9:00 PM and 06:00 AM (UK Time) for any purpose other than an emergency, LA reserves the right to charge a call-out fee of £50.00.

• Storage of Luggage: Where facilities are available, and at its discretion, LA can store the guest’s luggage at an additional charge. • Other Chargeable Services: Details of additional chargeable services at LA are available on request; e.g. extra cleaning, additional laundry services, grocery shopping.

5. Arrivals and Departures

Properties are available for occupation from 14:00 PM and 18:00 PM (UK Time) on the day of arrival, and departure is by 10:00 AM (UK Time) on the day of departure. Any additional hours of occupation outside the available times in each period of 24 hours will be charged as one extra day unless otherwise agreed. If you would like to arrive earlier than 2:00 PM or later than 7:00 PM (UK Time) LA require at least 72 hours notice to consider your request. An arrival fee of at least £50 will apply to authorised arrivals between 7:00 PM and 9:00 AM, and we can only meet during these hours in exceptional circumstances.

LA will endeavour to allow clients early access to accommodation and late departures whenever possible. LA reserves the right to charge a minimum of £50.00 for unauthorised late arrivals. Unauthorised late departures (later than detailed on the Booking Confirmation) without reasonable mitigating circumstances are charged at a minimum of £100.00.

On arrival, you will be required to provide photographic proof of your identity (e.g. a passport or photo-card driving licence), proof of address, and show the credit card used to pay for your stay to a Luxury Apartment staff member that meets you at the property. This is to ensure that we are giving access to the person that the property has been booked for and the credit card used to pay for your stay is in your name. If your stay had been booked by a company using a companies credit card, and we approve of that company you will not be required to show us the company card. You will be required to write on a piece of paper called “Tenancy Agreement” the following details:

  1. Your credit card address or the companies credit card address used to pay for your stay
  2. Your full legal name
  3. Your email address
  4. Your main phone number

You will also be required to agree to our terms and conditions. Failure to give the necessary photo evidence, your credit card address or companies card address if they are paying for your stay, your legal name, your email address, your main phone number and giving your agreement to our terms and conditions may result in LA refusing you, and your party to stay on the premises. These details will be stored on our encrypted email and CRM system for at least 150 days after your final payment for your stay has been made. You may request these details to be deleted and we will do so after 150 days, as soon as possible.

6. Changes and Cancellations

Once we have confirmed a booking, should you wish to change your booking, all requests for changes must be made in writing, and LA will do their best to help. All changes of date are subject to availability. Should any change be rejected, the original booking will be re-instated.

Any reductions in stay will result in higher nightly charges, for example, if you book for 3 months and reduce your stay to 2 weeks, you will be charged the nightly rate for 2 week stays, not 3 month stays.  Higher charges also apply if we do not receive enough notice.

Cancellations: Deposit fees are non-refundable. As such we strongly advise that you take out cancellation insurance.

Stays of less than seven nights LA must receive notification of cancellation for bookings from 1 to 6 nights, at least seven days prior to 12:00 PM midday (UK Time) on the day of arrival *. Cancellations received less than seven days will only be offered any reimbursement if the property can be re-let (the deposit will be forfeited).

*For the Gold Cup Festival, we require 28 days notice regardless of how long the stay is for.

Stays of 7-27 nights LA must receive notification of cancellation for bookings from 7 – 27 nights at least seven days prior to the actual arrival date. Where notification of cancellation is received less than seven days before the arrival date LA will apply a minimum cancellation charge of 7 nights accommodation.

Stays of 28+ nights LA must receive notification of cancellation for bookings of 28 nights plus, at least 28 days prior to the actual arrival date. Where notification of cancellation is received less than 28 days prior to arrival LA will apply a minimum cancellation charge of 14 nights accommodation.

For the Gold Cup Festival or known as the Cheltenham Festival, we take a 50% deposit on booking, and full payment a month before arrival. We do not offer refunds on Gold Cup stay.  As such we strongly advise that you take out cancellation insurance.

Non-arrivals will be treated as a cancellation and will be subject to a 100% cancellation charge.

If you wish to cancel or change an extended booking (see “Extensions” below), you will be liable to pay the total charges for the extended period following the scale above. These charges apply to notification advised before arrival and during your stay.

LA reserves the right to treat an early departure or reduction in the number of nights or properties booked, which results in a reduction in the overall charges payable as a cancellation.

LA does not expect to have to make any changes to your booking; however, occasionally bookings have to be changed or cancelled. LA reserves the right to do so. If this does happen, LA will contact you by telephone or email where reasonably possible to explain what has happened and inform you of the cancellation or change. If a change has to be made (and the change is not acceptable to you) or your booking has to be cancelled LA will, if possible and as soon as is reasonably practical, offer you an alternative property of similar type and standard in a similar location for the same period. If you do not wish to accept a change or any alternative property offered or LA cannot offer you suitable alternative properties, you will be entitled to cancel your booking and receive a full refund of all monies paid to LA unless this is the result of an event beyond our control. You should tell LA as soon as reasonably possible whether you wish to accept any change or alternative property offered, or if you want a refund.

Group Bookings

LA defines a group as being two properties or more being booked in the same location for similar dates. For group bookings, the minimum cancellation charges that will apply per group booking regardless of the length of stay, are the same as for stays of 28+ nights as detailed above.

7. Extensions

• If you wish to extend a stay, LA requires notice in writing; emails are acceptable, or you may extend online via your online account. Please give as much notice as possible to facilitate your request. All extensions are subject to availability and rate change. Failure to give LA notice in writing of an intention to extend a stay will likely result in your property being booked by another guest.

• Where notice of intention to extend your stay has been given, LA reserves the right to take all additional payments and charges from any credit/debit card used to make the original booking (plus any further deposit requirements). Where payment has been made by bank transfer, an invoice for the requested extended period will be sent to the billing address provided at the time of booking and payment must be made by return.

• No administration fee is payable when a booking is extended.

8. Accommodation and Occupancy

All properties are occupied as serviced properties, and on that basis, no rights of tenancy are created and thus are exempt from the security of tenure legislation. If this contract is with an individual person (as opposed to a company) then by entering into this agreement, the person is declaring that the property booked is not their principal place of residence. Although accommodation is agreed on booking, the exact properties cannot be guaranteed. General Points Properties are individual and vary in style, size and layout, so furnishing details are not uniformly standard. Although accommodation and location are confirmed in advance, the exact property cannot be guaranteed before arrival. The LA website (and/or other means of promotion or advertising) may contain a plan of the layout of the property. The plan will only be a general representation of the accommodation. Actual unit size, design, fixtures, furnishings and facilities may vary from those shown on the plan.

The number of people permitted to occupy each property is strictly limited to the number of beds. In some properties, extra beds can be provided, and this will be at a charge to be agreed at the time of booking. If the number of people permitted to occupy a property is exceeded, LA may refuse access to the accommodation and reserves the right to charge for additional properties.

You and your party must comply with any rules and regulations set by LA, and we recommend that you take time to check the safety procedures in the properties, the building and the local area, paying particular attention to fire evacuation details and security.

Where the Internet or broadband connectivity is available, you agree to use such services in a responsible manner and not for any illegal purpose.

Clients will be responsible for any losses incurred if they fail to lock doors or windows prior to leaving the property. If a door has two locks, both must be locked on departure.

LA shall use reasonable endeavours to retain any items left in properties for up to 3 months after the guest’s departure date. Please email or call us immediately if you think you may have left some belongings in one of our properties.


• Smoking: LA operates a strict non-smoking policy for all properties as required by law. Guests found to have smoked in a property will be asked to leave and will forfeit refund of rent paid. If during the end of stay cleans it is discovered that smoking has taken place, LA will make charges as set out in 4. Payment of Additional Charges section of the terms and conditions.

• LA operates a strict security policy to ensure the health and safety of all our guests and staff. Non-residents will not be allowed access to the properties after 11:00 PM (UK Time) and we operate a strict NO PARTY POLICY which includes but is not limited to birthday, stag and hen parties. Any guests who do not comply with this policy may be asked to find alternative accommodation, and LA reserves the right to cancel their booking with immediate effect and without refund.

• Noise must be kept to a minimum after 23:00 PM (UK Time).

• Pets: Some well-behaved pets are permitted in a few of our properties. Please ask for details.


Nothing in these terms and conditions shall affect your statutory rights. Nothing in these terms and conditions limits or excludes the liability of LA for death or personal injury resulting from negligence; or for any damage or liability incurred by you as a result of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation by LA.


Guests are expected to behave reasonably and to allow fellow guests to enjoy the surrounding environment peacefully. LA reserves the right to cancel any booking with immediate effect and without refund if a guest’s behaviour is causing any nuisance or disruption to fellow guests or uses threatening or abusive behaviour towards our staff on the phone, in writing or person.


Although LA will make every effort to ensure that guests enjoy a peaceful stay, LA cannot guarantee, or be held responsible for any failure or interruption of, services to the property, including electricity, air conditioning, water or any damage, telephone, broadband, internet and other communications, disruption or noise caused as a result of repair works being carried out in another part of the property. However, upon notification by a guest/booker, LA will use its best endeavours to maintain and rectify (within a reasonable period of time) all services and issues (within reason) to our properties.

Feedback and Complaints

LA aims to deliver the best possible service, but in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the service offered, you should notify LA in writing or by email as soon as possible about any complaint about our service. Our policy is to acknowledge any complaint within 48 hours, advising you of who is dealing with your concerns and attempt to address them. General LA reserves the right to change these conditions from time to time. Should guests be in breach of any of these conditions, LA reserves the right to request that guests vacate their property within 24 hours. These conditions shall be governed by and construed following the laws of England, and the Courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction about any claim, dispute or difference concerning these conditions and any matter arising from them.


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